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    • 2016.04.12 Tuesday
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    • by スポンサードリンク


    I am here

      Window is quietly autumn .
      Colorful leaves in autumn sun warmth wipe color embellishment, even more silent solitude , the faint flicker slightest yellowish CLS.
      Feelings Akigusa tea silently in the wind salsa , g-suite manchester combing Kuse clothes, never look back once elegance appearance, gentleness .
      Swallow flying south before the tireless leader of the dance , you want to cherish the moment belongs to the current superficial hyun love the dance , but it will also fly to desolate high-spirited .
      Autumn small river slowly flowing , rippling infinite Si Lian Hua You , lonely yellow Autumn leaves drift followed , one after another landscape, lapse haunt, Chixin unchanged, while Iraqis , Where ? !

      Life is destined vagrancy , often dream of flying seagulls.
      Many times, we have reason to live sober , feel the sun , bathing the truth .
      Life with its unique charm , let us earthly Vientiane , understanding the ups and downs in your eyes fireworks jungle , embracing well-being of human confusion.
      Shop often lying in the dust , Xiao Di Resentment in bleak , psychedelic awakening at dawn dawn , invigorating sound rose up in the twilight dusk falls ill feeling mo , accompanied by blurred night toward the center .
      Life is really a mountain stream mystery ......
      Ling mountain peaks , towering silhouette , Mount Hope decidedly a mountain .
      The Flow invisible , gurgling and inscrutable, the ultimate thinking water but it hates water .

      Very often , in order to a certain thing , a person , we will never forget , to forget the world an even, bright flowers are still in bloom .
      But we just let miss blurred reality , feeling lonely and pull the intestines, loss of self , wasting one after another sunny day .
      Often in meditation, in deep thought , wandering between the reality and the miss g-suite in oldham, really want to put a cross-sectional view , you want to put myself really , you want to keep that from between the fingers for lost time , and that no longer calls awake seasons .

      For the holidays , often low-key , because each one is family holiday together , spend the night , and for me , the festival is just an ordinary day , and even lonely day.
      In this bustling hubbub of the city , I was lonely figure , relatives and friends are thousands of miles away , to speak the truth , to reveal the truth of the remote.
      I can do is stay strong smile, walking through the crowd , walked quickly in life , and often harbor is a weak heart.
      For formal things I never pay attention to , has always been indifferent and sincere alive, clinging to wait for life took a dramatic turn .
      For material enjoyment , nor does it seek to pursue , although I confine yourself in vain .
      Many things can not go to insist, is not clear, but only want realistic distortion.

      I think a lot of times , I am not a person speak louder than words , can not face the cold, competition , and even undercurrent , it takes a zeal is reeled . If there is no pain parting, I might spend in a hurry , you can not look at yourself correctly , you can not understand their own by it and the Scotia.
      All things are connected to the so-called causal , heavy Luan Diego peaks , so I do not insist not go fight , let it dry is in the mainstream .
      For the happiness , often deeply touched , I'm grateful that God gave me procreatrix , let my heart has to follow, let me warm , let me contentment , let me today and tomorrow are full of longing.
      For distant relatives, I can only apologize , because my choice we can only stop at the miss , only to feel leisurely deserted and care.
      And friendship, but really the stars twinkling night sky , emitting a unique charm.

      Gone through , this implies vitality of every season, and it has a touch of sadness between the lines .
      Everything is clear , the world is a different world , there will be flowers, Yan sings , the moon and the stars , there will I walk the edge of the dream and magic , just having a laugh and beauty, g-suite cardinal manchester love and truth !
      I heard a gentle song of autumn , warm Zhixin .
      Looking up at the sky , vast and soulful .

      So laugh it up, restore life, lush , giving time and space was warm, lit honest, make love , truth, goodness, beauty release , so that family, friendship, love, gentle flow length .

      I am here , I implore the moon, to miss Spark sway to the unknown truth prairie .
      And this is also the most shrouded heart ......


        • 2016.04.12 Tuesday
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        • by スポンサードリンク


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